Reconstructing the Tree of Life:

I was a teaching assistant for this class taught by Field Museum curators Corrie Moreau and Richard Ree in the fall of 2011. This course is an introduction to phylogenetic techniques. I prepared and ran the weekly computer labs implementing the methods covered and gave two full lectures on next- generation sequencing and my research on acacia-ants.

The Public and Private Lives of Insects:

I was a TA in the Winter of 2010. Taught by Dr. Eric Larsen, this course is an introduction to insect ecology, evolution, and taxonomy. I presented two lectures on the social Hymenoptera and acacia-ants.

Ecology and Evolution in the Southwest:

This is a two week undergraduate field course taught by Dr. Eric Larsen. I was a teaching assistant
in June of 2009 and 2010. This course consists of two weeks of exploring the ecology of the desert
southwest and performing research projects developed by the students. Teaching this course is an
amazing and educational experience each time I have done it.